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About us

Since 1997 have proudly served clients with their localization and audiovisual translation need in Europe, USA, South America and Mexico.

 For the last 23 years, they have seen us grow and head into a direction of constant improvement and enhanced service. As a new client, we'll be happy to assess your needs and offer you a quote that meets both your budget and your quality needs.

Alma Baca

CEO & Co-Founder

I have lived in several countries and I count with over 30 years of international business experience. I specialize in localization language services and the creation of programs that allow people to improve their skills.


Over the past 30 years I have done many successful things, one of which was creating an international internship program in 1995 for the Mexican government to promote talented graduates globally and, through them, bring new ideas and skills back to their country. I also created a practical Business English Conversation training program to cover some language deficiencies, allowing over 50 new graduates access to such great opportunities.


In 1997 I founded a translation agency. This agency, with the help of my partner Alex Collot, has evolved from being a one-woman show to a multilingual international place specialized in localizing audiovisual and e-commerce content in over 35 languages.


The audiovisual industry is evolving at a fast rate, and my work now is to keep up to date to exceed our client’s needs and become visible and available for the thousands of new rising VOD platforms, coaches and corporations that require secure content localization.


Alex Collot

Director of Operations & Co-Founder

As a linguist, I am passionate about languages and aim at learning and perfecting as many as I can.


I've studied in both, Mexico and the US, which has given me a great perspective on both countries' language and culture. The experience of studying abroad also sparked my interest in other cultures.


Personally, I consider myself to be a perfectionist and take pride in being very observant of my own work.

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Audiovisual Localization

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