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Into the Big Leagues!

As you might know, we are constantly looking for ways to grow and improve to benefit you, our client.

We feel very proud to share with you that we have been invited to join one of the largest and most important platforms in the Audio Visual and Entertainment Industry: MESA Europe.

The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) was formed nearly 15 years ago to create a platform to help build efficiencies in the creation, production, and distribution of entertainment content. The Alliance’s focus has expanded during this time, in response to members’ needs and to foster end-to-end collaboration among entertainment service providers, their customers, and their trading partners.

Its Mission

MESA Europe’s mission is:      •   To support service providers in building efficiencies in the creation, production, and distribution of media and entertainment.      •   To foster end-to-end collaboration among entertainment service providers, their customers, and trading partners.      •   To promote its members and provide face-to-face meeting opportunities.      •   To provide tangible benefits to members including media coverage, events, industry advocacy and collaborative workgroups. This is led by the Members Advisory Board, who meet frequently to help drive the detailed content and coverage and identify areas where better collaboration and/or information and experience sharing would be beneficial to the industry. Additional direction and focus comes from their Content Advisory Board, comprising senior executives drawn from across the leading content owners and distributors. This highly proactive, committed group helps pinpoint the issues and challenges the industry is facing and takes a leading role in helping to create a platform where these can be expressed and addressed, and potential solutions can be explored and discussed.

The list of members and advisory boards is quite impressive, including names like:     • BBC Studios     • Lionsgate     • NBCUniversal     • BTI Studios     • Sony Pictures     • Zoo Digital     • Walt Disney Pictures     • Warner Brothers     • 20th Century Fox     • And many more…

Also, MESA has its own Special Interest Groups, which include:       •   Content Localization Council     •   CDSA Europe Security Committee     •   Broadcast & Content Community This will help us find the opportunities that will help us keep improving for you.

What this means to you

Of course, this brings great benefit to everyone involved with Collot Baca Subtitling.  We will be able to stay ahead of the curve for our clients, collaborators, employees and more. We feel very proud and happy to share this great news with you, and now more than ever, we strive to keep growing for our most valuable asset: you. Talk soon!

If you would like to know more about MESA Europe, visit

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