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Subtitling… Academy?

We’ve all heard it before, never waste an effort and make the most out of everything, right? Sometimes you don’t need many resources to accomplish it, but you definitely need a shift in perspective. At least that’s what we needed to keep improving for you and give you better results. We have a very high standard of quality.  So, in our case, a very specific shift in what we were doing with our team of translators and the new candidates.

The “Before”

When recruiting translators, we always go through a series of rigorous tests to ensure we’re only hiring the best talent out there. So, what happened to the people who were very good but not excellent yet? We had to pass on them… and that was a mistake. Why? Because we had already invested heavily in the recruitment, evaluation and selection process, and letting go that many “90’s” was proving to be a waste of valuable resources.

The “After”

In one of those inspired days, while looking for ways to improve our service, we came to a sudden realization that may have been obvious, but had been completely overlooked by us. We were thinking: “We’ve been in this business for very long.” “We are expert translators.” “The mistakes these candidates are making can be easily corrected.” And THAT was the moment it struck us like lightning!

It is way easier to coach and train a 90 into a 100 than to find a pure 100.

That was the afternoon we decided that instead of letting them go, we would offer them the opportunity to get them from 90 to 100, and then they could join the team.  And that was how Collot Baca Subtitling Academy was born. Nowadays, not only do we use the Academy to train experienced translators to polish and perfect their skills and be eligible to join our team, but we also found the opportunity to:       •    Train translators and bilinguals who have never worked in the Audio              Visual Translation industry         •    Give constant training and updates and improvement to our own team             of translators.        •    Have a platform to train our team in clients’ (your) specifications. _____ As you might already see, this change allows us to serve you with excellence and improve for you every day. Please share with us in the comments what Eureka! moments of your own have allowed you to improve in what you do. Also, if we’re not yet working with you and you would like to know more about our services, please ask us any question you have at, we’ll be glad to help. Talk soon!

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